The mystery behind mystery setting …

April, 2017

Pave setting, channel setting or prong settings are probably the most well-known jewellery setting in the industry but little attention is given to one of the most difficult and prestigious setting of all – mystery setting.

Originating in the 1920s the purpose of this dazzling invention was to set stones in a unique way to ensure that no prongs were on show. However, to achieve this is no easy job and a reason for why many jewellers shy away from this design.

So what’s the mystery behind mystery setting? The secret is down to a specially crafted gold lattice which forms the framework for the piece. Once this is created each stone is cut specifically and rebuffed continuously to slot into the wireframe. If the stone is out by even 0.1mm then the whole piece can be ruined!

Involving nearly 300 hours of labour and a team of jewellers, the enchantment that these jewels evoke can truly be considered as a work of fine art.

To view some of our mystery setting jewels please click on the Zubeida collection